Speak4Cambridge – Reflections on the 2019 Tornado

Speak4Cambridge – Reflections on the 2019 Tornado By Finley Caughran, Class of 2021 On October 20th, a tornado shook Cambridge to its core. In the middle of my critical junior year, the school was left on its own to find a new home for over 100 students, yet Cambridge is defined by more than some […]

Preparing for Senior Tutorial

Preparing for Senior Tutorial By Alejandra Gonzalez, Class of 2020 As a senior this year I was able to experience the importance of writing my tutorial. The senior tutorial at Cambridge is the capstone of Cambridge’s curriculum. The purpose of the tutorial is to provide all seniors the opportunity to study a topic in depth, […]

Cambridge Theater

Cambridge Theater By Allison Peterman, Class of 2022 I have been a member of The Cambridge School of Dallas theater program for a number of years, and the amount of talent I have seen in each play hits me in a different way every time. The plays are rarely ever similar, they range from Victorian […]

First Semester is Over

By Charlotte Mbwala, Class of 2020 First semester is over, winter break is over, and now we begin the journey of the second semester. During this time, majority of us start to get sluggish in our schoolwork and lose the key motivation to finish strong. If you are like me, you are finding it difficult […]


Why? At The Cambridge School of Dallas, we love to celebrate the creativity of our students. We hope you enjoy this poem written by one of our 7th graders as much as we do. This was part of a class assignment inspired by Phantastes by George MacDonald. Poem by Elliott Edwards Once, on a hill, […]

Developing a Witness of Faithful Presence

Developing a Witness of Faithful Presence By Christopher Benson, Professor of English, Faculty Coordinator of Humanities & Fine Arts, The Cambridge School of Dallas In my 12th grade literature class last week, I compared the wager scene in Goethe’s drama, Faust, to the wager scene in the Book of Job, chapters 1-2. Once the Lord […]

Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm By Amy Jodry, Director of Communications and Development, The Cambridge School of Dallas October 22, 2019 Sunday night, October 20, 2019. A night that was calm and beautiful. God was displaying His artistic skills by painting a beautiful sunset. And then everything changed. We saw His mighty power come out in nature. […]

Thomas Hardy, “The Distracted Preacher”

Thomas Hardy, “The Distracted Preacher” By Christopher Benson, Professor of Literature Melville House has an attractive series called “The Art of the Novella.” Since leisure reading is limited during the academic year, I opted for Thomas Hardy’s novella, The Distracted Preacher. Besides my fondness for the author, the title alone got my attention. Naturally, I wanted to […]

Cambridge Welcomes Professor Lewis!

Name: Matt Lewis Title: Professor Classes Teaching: Earth Science (Seventh Grade), Biblical Narrative (Seventh Grade), Socratic Tradition (Seventh Grade), Pre Algebra (Sixth Grade), Intro to Theology (Eighth Grade), Logic (Eighth Grade) How did you get to Cambridge? I heard such wonderful things about Cambridge from a friend and fellow church parishioner who teaches at Cambridge (Christopher Benson). […]

Cambridge Welcomes New Director of Communication and Development

Cambridge Welcomes New Director of Communication and Development Name: Amy Jodry Title: Director of Communications and Development Short story of how you got to Cambridge: I grew up in Dallas, and have always heard about The Cambridge School of Dallas. I attended Highland Park High School, Baylor University and the University of Leicester. I have […]