Top Ten Things You’ll Be Grateful For When Your Kids Graduate From Cambridge

One Friday morning every month, Parent Fellowship (PF) comes together to discuss upcoming events, assess where help is needed, and occasionally bring in outside guests to address the community. Last Friday, Suzy Mighell, mom to three Cambridge alumni and current Cambridge Alumni Parent President, spoke to PF about the “Top Ten Things You’ll Be Grateful […]

Straight From The Head: February 15th

Dear Cambridge family & friends, Since 1976, I have been pursuing three closely related goals: to know, love and serve God; to know, love and serve my wife; and to know, love and lead my children. I was confident that if I could get these three fundamental commitments right, or at least make good progress, everything […]

A Church with No Ceiling

Florence Solomon Chapel Message for Cambridge 30 August 2017 A Church with No Ceiling For all those lovely but unfamiliar faces out there, I’m Florence Solomon, the extremely proud older sister of Seniors Austin and Bryant Solomon, who happen to be the two most adorable humans on this entire planet. I graduated from Cambridge a […]

Restoring Poetic Vision in a Myopic Age

In a distorted world, the Christian poet is ultimately like the blind man whose vision Christ restored to see truth through grace, and those who read the poet’s words will find their vision restored as well… This essay by Professor Shannon Pepe was originally given as a Faculty Lyceum. Prayer Come, Holy Spirit, Divine Creator, […]

“Where does your allegiance lie?” A Reflection on Revelation 13

Dr. Barb Isbell, registrar and Professor of Theology, gave a chapel message on January 18, 2017 reflecting on Revelation 13. Modern culture insists that there is no absolute truth – that what is true for you may not be true for me, and what is true today may not be true tomorrow. According to Oprah […]

Laws Smith, 2016 Trivium Winner

Senior Lawson Smith was selected as the recipient of the 2016 Trivium Award for his Senior Tutorial presentation and paper entitled “Tolkien: Reinterpreting Immorality Through Myth.” The other two finalists were Zachary Raybourn, “The Moral Implications of Covert Operations,” and Florence Solomon, “Not a Tame Lion: A Theodicy for the Wrath of God.” Laws examined […]