Thomas Hardy, “The Distracted Preacher”

Thomas Hardy, “The Distracted Preacher” By Christopher Benson, Professor of Literature Melville House has an attractive series called “The Art of the Novella.” Since time is limited at the end of the academic year, I opted for Thomas Hardy’s novella, The Distracted Preacher. Besides my fondness for the author, the title alone got my attention. Naturally, I […]

Cambridge Welcomes Professor Lewis!

Name: Matt Lewis Title: Professor Classes Teaching: Earth Science (Seventh Grade), Biblical Narrative (Seventh Grade), Socratic Tradition (Seventh Grade), Pre Algebra (Sixth Grade), Intro to Theology (Eighth Grade), Logic (Eighth Grade) How did you get to Cambridge? I heard such wonderful things about Cambridge from a friend and fellow church parishioner who teaches at Cambridge (Christopher Benson). […]

Cambridge Welcomes New Director of Communication and Development

Cambridge Welcomes New Director of Communication and Development Name: Amy Jodry Title: Director of Communications and Development Short story of how you got to Cambridge: I grew up in Dallas, and have always heard about The Cambridge School of Dallas. I attended Highland Park High School, Baylor University and the University of Leicester. I have […]

Cambridge Welcomes New Assistant Director of Admissions

Cambridge Welcomes New Assistant Director of Admissions Name: Bailey Bridgeman (for now… Bailey Hammond in January!) Title: Assistant Director of Admissions Classes Teaching: Middle School Latin 1 and High School Latin 1 How did you get to Cambridge? I first came to know Cambridge as a student in the sixth grade. During the admissions process, Cambridge […]

#MyCSDSummer Update

“#MyCSDSummer Update” #MyCSDSummer Update: Notre Dame Summer Scholar Speech & Debate By Luke Blazek, 2020 senior class 7/29/19 I attended the University of Notre Dame Pre-College Summer Scholars Debate and Public Speaking program for a couple weeks with students from a number of different states and countries. We were taught by the Head of the […]

A Well-Performed Play

A Well-Performed Play By Morgan Crain, Director of Student Life My hometown has an annual Shakespeare in the Park festival, with weeks of three rotating plays performed by professional actors. Every time I attend, I marvel at the range of viewers. People from all walks of life, some of whom you really wouldn’t expect to […]

10 Readings for an Orientation to the Study of Literature

10 Readings for an Orientation to the Study of Literature by Professor Benson During our end of year faculty in-service, Dr. Wolfe asked each teacher to compose a list of 10 books that give an orientation to the study of his or her academic discipline. Notice, this is a different kind of list than our […]

On Civil Disagreement

On Civil Disagreement Joshua Jeffrey, Professor of English 6/12/19 In the modern age, there is no skill simultaneously more needed and more absent than that of civil disagreement. Civil, of course, has several meanings. In one sense, it means “having to do with the citizens of a state,” developing out of the Latin words civilis, […]

D-Day: A Visit to Normandy

D-Day: A Visit to Normandy Brenda Robson, Professor of Art, reflects upon her recent visit to Normandy in honor of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. 6/6/2019 My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit France during spring break on this year just before the 75th anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy. On June 6, […]

Brenda Robson

Cambridge Art Professor of Art Brenda Robson reflects upon this year and why our students study art. 5/22/2019 The objective of our art department is to have happy students who learn how to appreciate what beauty really is in God’s creation. Their efforts reveal the thumbprints of God and hopefully inspire viewers to wonder and […]