The Faith & Culture Series brings together renowned authors, speakers, politicians, leaders, teachers and students in order fulfill the School’s mission of “fostering a love of learning”.  The events encourage lifelong learning for the Cambridge community, the greater Dallas area and beyond.

The Keynote Dinner and Lecture is an annual event sponsored by The Cambridge School of Dallas that brings renowned authors and speakers to the Dallas area and focuses on how our Christian faith impacts the culture around us.

The Nobility and Public Service is a biannual event and brings politicians and public leaders to the school to encourage students to work toward improving our community and world.

Faculty Lyceum are quarterly lectures by leading members of Cambridge faculty on texts or topics within their field of study celebrating the unity of all truth in Christ and the diverse contributions made by each discipline.

Declamation offers an annual platform for Cambridge students to eloquently communicate a deposit of wisdom from exemplary poets, orators, and writers in the West. By reciting a memorized text before an audience, students learn the rhetorical power of honest and winsome speech.

Senior Tutorial is the capstone of the curriculum at The Cambridge School of Dallas and a requirement for graduation.  Its purpose is to provide students with an occasion to study a topic in depth, to write a rigorous academic paper on that topic, and to present and defend the thesis of that paper publicly before an academic committee.