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Assembly Minutes

Assembly Minutes

Monday, February 27, 2017

Mary Cahoon: Gathering: this week we will be playing mafia in the Student Hall.

Killian/Uhrbrock: 3/24 is Coffee Haus – come join us! In ‘N Out burger truck will be here before the event and you can pre-pay for your burgers. The theme this year will be the Late Show with David Uhrbrock and Michael Jekel hosting.

Sophomores/juniors: don’t forget to sign up for a 10 minute meeting with Prof. Isbell – sign ups are outside her class room for flex, Study Hall, lunch, and after school! Seniors: your graduation cards/regalia forms are due next Friday.

Donation bins for CasaView late this week or early next week: start collecting soft goods to bring to donate (clothing for kinds, parents, towels, linens, shoes, accessories, belts, hats, etc) – points will be given by 1st place, 2nd place, etc. Faith & Culture – next Thursday at PCBC at 6:30pm with speaker Kelly Shackelford. Ambassadors will need to be there at 5:45. Remember that this is a mandatory event, in uniform.

Prof. Garrett: sign up on his door for TAPPS music THIS WEEK – sign up is mandatory if you are singing a solo or any solo instrument piece in TAPPS.

Prof. Caldwell: National Latin/Greek Exam: The National Latin Exam will take place during Flex on Tuesday, March 21st (right after spring break). There is no need to study outside of preparation that will occur in class, but those who would like extra preparation may peruse the National Latin Exam website. The National Greek Exam will be given during 6th period on Thursday, March 2nd. There is no need to study outside of preparation that will happen in class.

Honor Council: Constantine will be cleaning this week – 4th Constantine, 3rd Alfred, 2nd Charlemagne, 1st Justinian. No one did the Bible verse last week – you are encouraged to do so this week!

Dr. Moran, director of Shakespeare in Italy at UD: current sophomores, juniors, seniors – join us in Italy this summer! College program for high school students, you receive college credit. Several Cambridge students have done this in years past, including Ryan Richmond – ask him about it! April 1 is the deadline to apply – brochures distributed, July 8-28 this summer. Even if you can’t go this summer, think through attending next summer or event the next – this is a wonderful program and opportunity.

Faye Steele: shared her conviction with the student body to pray boldly and unselfishly this week – to think of the world, those being persecuted, the Church – pray for things only God himself can do rather than just the daily things that revolve around self.










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