Assembly Minutes

Monday, December 11, 2017

Prefects: It’s that time of the year again. If you are interested in TAPPS academics, you must see Prof. Wong. Nobody has signed up yet! If you’re an international student traveling home over the break, you must let Grace Newman know.

Dr. Isbell: Midterms start on Thursday 12/14. 5th-6th grade will test in 204 (Taber’s room),7th-8th grade will test in  200 (Schrum’s room), 8th grade will test in 207 (Martin’s room), 10th-12th grade will test in the student hall. Students with extended/quiet time will test in 208 (VanOpstal’s room). Each day of exams, there is an 8:00 exam and a 10:30 exam. You may take up to 2 hours. When you finish your first exam, you may go to the gym or go to an empty classroom in the science wing and study quietly. When you finish your last exam of the day, you are free to leave. The normal electronics policy will be in place – you cannot use your phone until after 12:30 or until you leave for the day. Full uniforms required all 4 days of exams. Declamation is coming up, you must take Christmas break to memorize your selection. You will start reciting them in English right after the break.

Athletic Interns: Middle school Bball has the week off. No Games this week! HS Bball please pay close attention to the schedule that was emailed out today by Coach Kelly for your practice and departure schedule for the next week and a half. Tuesday we will travel to Bethesda for our first district game. Friday our boys will face off against Coram Deo. Next week on Tuesday, we will cap off 2017 at Sherman Texoma! All teams will travel together to Texoma and Support each other. We will get food there. Also, JV boys will be getting new uniforms today. Please wash and return the old ones before the end of next week! Any middle school boys interested in playing 7 man touch football this spring need to talk to Coach Kelly this week to ensure we still have enough to play.

Honor Council: Cleaning schedule this week: Monday – Alfred and Charlemagne, Tuesday – Constantine and Justinian, Wednesday – Constantine. Victory points from last week: Charlemagne (least points lost), Justinian (most points earned). House standings: Charlemagne 13, Justinian 10, Constantine 10, Alfred 5.

Prof. Garrett: Flex Forecast: Monday – Assembly, Tuesday – Study Hall (in your regular club room), Wednesday – Christmas Chapel. Christmas Chapel is a community event and all are invited! Thank you to everyone who was involved in the opera last week! Caitlin Chiu competed as a violinist against other Texas private schools and placed 13th! Reminder that Friday is NOT a house dress day.

Prof. Taber: This Friday 12/15 is the next payment deadline for the middle school trip. $300 due. Please get this payment in! You are making this check out to Global Explorers and mailing it directly to them. 

Prof. Caldwell: If you would like help organizing or planning this next week (schedules, studying, lockers) please come find me, I would love to help you!

Faye Steele: The challenge this week is patience. Think before you speak, complain less, be calm, exercise patience and push through until finals are over.

Dr. Wolfe: This week and next you are allowed to wear non-Cambridge outerwear, because we know this building is very cold. Aside from that, you still must be in full uniform. You can’t wear sweatpants or bring blankets. Reminder that the hallway is NOT your personal space. Many of you have gotten in the habit of leaving your books, binders, papers, etc. scattered throughout the hallway. These things belong in your locker or your backpack. Please stop leaving these things out, we will begin collecting them. The same rule will apply to the wire racks in the gym and the student hall. When the semester ends, we will start throwing things away.