The tuition schedule for the 2018- 2019 school year is as follows.

Additional fees are assessed for registrations received after 5/13/2018.

Grade 5 $17,000

Grade 6 $17,000

Grade 7 $17,600

Grade 8 $18,700

Grade 9 $21,600

Grade 10 $21,600

Grade 11 $21,600

Grade 12 $21,600

Additional fees include:
  • New Student Fee (1st Year Only): $400 for 5th & 6th, $600 7th-12th
  • $800 annual activity fee (covers part of the cost of the all-school retreat, security, general athletics costs, technology, and community life)
  • $2,000 annual fee for international students
  • $200 annual fee for installment payments

Fees for textbooks depend on the grade level and courses taken. Athletic fees vary based on the sport(s) of participation. Additionally, we coordinate a hot lunch program through an outside vendor, providing our students with a selection of restaurants and meals to choose from throughout the school year. Costs depends on food selections and frequency of use.

Limited financial aid is available by application during the initial enrollment period. For further details, contact Whitney Messer, Business Manager or visit our Financial Aid page.