Ana Bruce & Praxis

Ana Bruce & Caregiving Practice 7/31/18 Rising Junior and Honor Council member Ana Bruce reflects upon her participation in Cambridge’s Summer Praxis. This Monday I enjoyed making dinner for my family as part of the Cambridge Summer Praxis program. In the foreground are some Vietnamese shrimp and vegetable spring rolls with complimentary spicy peanut sauce […]

Prof. Isbell & Praxis

Prof. Isbell & Praxis 7/25/2018 Dr. Isbell reflects upon one of her Praxis Practices: As one of my praxis selections, I chose the activist option of taking special note of all the animals I encounter for an entire week. My family’s recent trip to Charleston, SC and the surrounding beaches provided the perfect opportunity to […]

Prof. Benson’s Sensates Practice

Prof. Benson’s Sensates Practice 7/18/2018 A Summer Praxis Reflection from Professor Christopher Benson Earlier this summer I shared about one of my practices for Sabbath living. From the path of traditionalists (loving God through ritual and symbol), I am using a devotional book every day to formally observe Ordinary Time, the longest stretch of the […]

Prof. Wong & Takashi Murakami

Prof. Wong & Takashi Murakami 7/5/18 Prof. Wong and his wife recently visited the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. He reflected upon their experience with the artwork of Takashi Murakami, a Japanese contemporary artist known for blurring the line between high and low art. “One of the art works of Takashi Murakami reminded me of […]

Prof. Robson’s Praxis Practice: Sensates

Prof. Robson’s Praxis Practice: Sensates 6/27/18 Below Cambridge Professor of Art Brenda Robson reflects upon Summer Praxis and the Sensates practice she selected while on vacation in London. “The Cambridge School of Dallas’ “homework” for this summer is to experience places of rest. I chose the Sensates (meditation on God’s creation in the form of praise […]

Loving God Outdoors a Reflection by Prof. Jones

Loving God Outdoors 6/19/18 A reflection by Professor Michael Jones With our children happily playing at “school” (daycare), my wife and I went for a date to the Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. As we strolled from shade to shade, we drank in the sunlight and feasted on the beautiful sights of […]

Prefect’s Charge

Class Night Prefect’s Charge Given by Kendall Killian on May 18, 2018 6/14/18 When people ask me what I love about Cambridge, I always answer: the people. Because as great as Cambridge is, with its principles, education, and community, without its people, it would not be the school I’ve come to love, or call a […]

Juniors Begin Praxis Practices

Juniors Begin Praxis Practices 6/12/18 Rising Cambridge Juniors Jade Tim and Charlotte Mbwala are choosing to spend their summer Praxis time by serving God’s people through the Love Dallas Event. Following the practice of Caregivers, loving God by loving others, Jade and Charlotte purchased food and water and made bagged lunches for the homeless in […]

Michael Nolen Achieves Eagle Scout Rank

Michael Nolen Achieves Eagle Scout Rank 6/8/2018 Rising Cambridge Sophomore, Michael Nolen, 15, recently achieved Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America. He was honored by Troop 518 at an Eagle Court of Honor ceremony at Park Cities Baptist Church on Sunday, May 20, 2018. For his Eagle Project, Michael led a team […]

Ordinary Time: The Plain Auntie at the Liturgical Party

Ordinary Time: The Plain Auntie at the Liturgical Party Prof. Benson’s Praxis Reflection 6/6/18 As soon as I left the precincts of the city, my soul began to exhale with the open vistas of the Texas Panhandle. Compared to the topographical relief of my native Colorado, with the drama of the Rocky Mountains, the flat […]