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Coffee Haus

As a night for festivities, relaxation, and comedy, Coffee Haus is an honored tradition at our school; Coffee Haus is a time when the students – and the occasional faculty member – can entertain their peers, and demonstrate how they have grown in their various interests. Students’ performances range from the touching vocal solo, to the intensely-choreographed Junior Guys’ Video, to the witty remarks of a stand-up act. Coffee Haus is a time where students can express the charming, funny, intriguing aspects of their personalities that make Cambridge great, all while providing a fun, safe night out for the whole family.

  • Click the link below to purchase tickets (password is talent)
  • In-N-Out Meals MUST be purchased by March 18th
  • Meals will be ready at 6pm, and the show will begin at 7pm