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Declamation offers an annual platform for Cambridge students to eloquently communicate a deposit of wisdom from exemplary poets, orators, and writers in the West. By reciting a memorized text before an audience, students learn the rhetorical power of honest and winsome speech.

Initially, 3-5 minute recitations take place during the month of January. All students grades six through eleven must memorize and declaim a piece in their literature classes for a major grade.The best candidates then proceed on to a semi-final round, and, if selected, on to the final competition—divided between the Middle School and Upper School.

The event of Declamation takes place during the evening, in front of friends, family and classmates of all ages, and distinguished judges are brought in to select a winner from both the Middle School and Upper School finalists. Declamation is a tradition that all Cambridge students have participated in, helping to prepare each of them to meet the standards of college and mature life.

Join us February 22nd as our finalists declaim their pieces.

Finalists to be announced on February 11th. 

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