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Faculty Lyceum

Join us on April 25th at The Cambridge School of Dallas for the last part of our 2018-2019 Faith and Culture Series. Hannah Nelson will be presenting Through Others’ Eyes: Language, Literature, and the Great Commission. 

Lyceums are lectures by leading members of Cambridge faculty on texts or topics within their field of study celebrating the unity of all truth in Christ and the diverse contributions made by each discipline. Please RSVP to Emily Eber at eeber@cambridgedallas.org by April 23rd.

Hannah Nelson

Hannah recently completed her Master of Arts in World Arts at the Graduate Institue of Applied Linguistics (GIAL) at Dallas International University. Though the degree name may be confusing, the idea is that World Arts is the study of art as a sub-field of anthropology – understanding all artistic expression as a human mode of communication, meaningful, culturally rooted, and context specific. This field of study is sometimes called “ethnoarts,” like ethnomusicology or ethnodramatology, but GIAL wanted to avoid the implication that our focus was exlusively non-western.