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Senior Tutorial Finals

Senior Tutorial is the capstone of the curriculum at The Cambridge School of Dallas and a requirement for graduation. Its purpose is to provide students with an occasion to study a topic in depth, to write a rigorous academic paper on that topic, and to present and defend the thesis of that paper publicly before an academic committee. The top 3 tutorials are presented and defended this night, and a winner will be chosen by a panel of outside judges in front of the Cambridge community.

The top 3 tutorials will be presented at 7pm in the Village Church Sanctuary on April 19th. This event is free and open to the public.

Lauren Ferguson: Overcoming Fear of the Fairytale
Matthew Jordan: A Romantic Readiness: The Virtue of Hope and the Fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Bryant Solomon: The Specter of Reality: A Supernatural Solution to the Quantum Quandary

This Year's Finalists