Jasmine Prepares Food for Praxis


Jasmine Jobe, a rising Senior and Head of the House of Constantine, reflects upon her experience preparing food as a part of Praxis.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to help my mom in the kitchen. My mom has always encouraged me to try new recipes, so this summer I took initiative and prepared a dish that seemed not only delicious but also enjoyable to make. My grandmother is an advocate of the idea that food brings people together, and the open-faced sandwiches I made, a combination of baguette, fresh ricotta and toppings from smoked salmon and dill to blueberries and honey, were a delicious way for family friends to come together for the blessed celebration of a baby shower. This experience encouraged by this summer’s Cambridge Praxis gave me a chance to try new food combinations and perform an act of kindness to the people that I was cooking for.”