Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Prefects: The Quarter 3 Community Service project will be held at Bonton Farms on March 9th. It is a farm in the middle of the city and it’s fun! There are goats and you can work with friends!

Prof. Isbell: Senior graduation robe and announcement orders are due by noon on the Friday before Spring Break. Sophomores and Juniors who have not met with me yet need to sign up because we need to have all class scheduling meetings before Spring Break. Declamation is this Thursday night – two days from now! It is required for all students, who must be in full uniform. If you are a finalist you need to be here no later than 6:40, but if you would like to get a feel for the stage you can arrive at 6:20. Those who are not declaiming should be here at 6:50 in full uniform and on best behavior. Phones are not allowed – exactly like a school day. The final faculty declamation of the year is from Prof. Martin, declaiming James 1.

Coach Kelly: The Middle School Boys Basketball Team is the number 1 seed! They have two more games to play – home today at 5 pm and Thursday at 4:30 at Winston (on the Tollway and Royal). Please show up and support these boys! Also, spring sports start today! If it’s raining today, you’ll still practice – tennis go to the gym, middle school track will meet in the student hall. But golf, if it is raining we will see you tomorrow. Golf clubs can be stored in the long closet in the library during the day if necessary. Declamation on Thursday is mandatory – you come in uniform and check in with the following people:

  • Middle school with Mr. Little
  • 9th grade with Mrs. Messer
  • 10th grade with Mrs. Eber
  • 11th grade with Miss Newman
  • 12th grade with Coach Kelly

Honour Council: The challenge is class disruptions. The victory point for losing the least points goes to Justinian; the one for winning the most points goes to Justinian. Current score: Alfred 7, Constantine 12, Charlemagne 16, Justinian 20. House cleaning goes in the normal order, starting with Alfred today.

Prof. Crain: Bring me community service forms! Flex is normal after today. Declamation – the ambassadors need to meet me on Thursday at 6:40 in the foyer to greet guests. The House of Charlemagne challenges the House of Alfred to a game of Nuke’em for the Gauntlet Challenge this Friday!

Prof. Caldwell: Sophomores will be taking the practice ACT on our half-day on Friday, March 1st. Juniors can take it if they talk to Prof. Caldwell.

Junior Class: Before Declamation this Thursday from 4:30-6:30 eat at Liberty Burger on Forest to support the Junior class! (Get a burger and go to the middle school boys’ game, or eat after the game!)

Dr. Wolfe: Hallways are not your personal space. We are collecting items left in the hall and it will start costing you to get them back. Two sections from the position papers: We are independent because no other organisation governs us, but dependent because we rely up on the tradition of the Christian Church for our identity and purpose…. This indicates that the school’s independence is primarily organisational, but we are partners with organisations throughout the world and stand in continuity with generations of Christians. Christian tradition plays an important part in our identity….