Student Assembly

Monday, March 1, 2021

Prefects: The Q3 service project is coming up on March 13 at Mars Hill Farms, sign up on the Eventbrite. Flex Forecast: Assembly, Clubs, Chapel, House Meetings, Half Day. 

Dr. Isbell: Congratulations to the Declamation winners (Debbie Jackson 2nd, Elliot Edwards 1st, Abby Baxter 2nd, Allison Peterman 1st). Juniors who haven’t yet need to get their blazers fitted. 

Athletic Interns: Congratulations to the varsity boys on their playoff win. The next game is tomorrow in Longview.

Honor Council: Points update: Alfred 1202, Charlemagne 1290, Justinian 1319, Constantine 1370. 

Tateos Rea: The links to purchase snacks and jeans days are live. 

Prof. Caldwell: This Friday the 8th grade will be taking the PSAT 8/9. Please arrive by 7:45, bring a pencil and calculator. You will be dismissed when the test is finished. Bring a snack. The 10th and 11th grade will be taking a practice ACT. Meet in the Fellowship Hall. 

Dr. Wolfe: Allison Peterman is starring in a movie that will be playing in Dallas on March 29-30. Reminders: you are not allowed to have food deliveries and you must sign out at the front desk every time you leave the building (even if just to grab something out of your car). Closing.