Student Assembly

Monday, May 17, 2021

Prefects: Welcome. Flex Forecast: Assembly, Study Hall (3rd period classrooms), 8th Grade Graduation (Fellowship Hall), early release schedule, Study Hall. Reminder to turn in community service forms today. We are looking at doing a Cambridge float for the Sparkman 4th of July parade – let us know if you want to be involved. Sign up for summer courses. Tomorrow is the Alfred feast day. Friday is a bonus house dress day. 

Athletic Interns: Please return your uniforms before the end of the week to avoid a fine. 

Honor Council: No point update this week, the winner of the House Cup will be announced on Thursday!  

Dr. Isbell: This Friday, May 21 is a bonus house dress day. 8th grade graduation is Wednesday, May 19. The whole school will attend. Class Night is coming up on Thursday, May 20 in the worship center. We will have a rehearsal earlier that day. We will have an early release schedule and school will be out by ~2:00. This is a required event for all students. Full uniforms required. Students arrive by 6:40, in your seats by 6:50. Ambassadors arrive by 6:20. Next Thursday, May 27 is Graduation. This is a required event, but you do not have to wear uniforms. It will be at 6pm at Park Cities Presbyterian Church. Graduation rehearsal (for seniors) is at 10am that morning and we will be taking cap and gown photos. Final exams are next week. High school students will test in Fellowship Hall and middle school will test in TreeTop. You are dismissed when you are finished with your last exam for the day. If you have a Cambridge owned textbook, it must be returned at your exam time. You will be charged if you don’t turn it in by next Wednesday, May 26. 

Prof. Harvey: Reminder to write down student life quotes. Praxis announcement coming soon. List of summer course offerings announced. 

Dr. Wolfe: Closing.