Monday, September 14, 2020

Prefects: Welcome. Mentors and mentees, try to be in contact at least once a month, and try to get together outside of school at least once per semester.

Dr. Isbell: This is the last week to turn in forms and be eligible for the house challenge. Next week on Thursday, September 24 we will have school pictures. Senior girls, please wear pearls.

Athletic Interns: The first volleyball game is on Wednesday, no spectators are allowed, please support the team in other ways. The first soccer game is on Thursday, there are 2 visitors per athlete allowed. If you want spirit wear, please turn in your forms by Friday.

Honor Council: House point standings: Justinian, Alfred, Constantine, Charlemagne.

Prof. Harvey: Flex Forecast: Assembly, PSAT Prep, Chapel, House Meetings, Half Day. If you are 16 or older, you are eligible to assist as an election worker at the polls on Election Day (November 3). If you are interested, come talk with me. Reinforcing expectations for mentors/mentees (see above). The prefects will be working with the mentors to encourage you, provide resources, etc. We have an All School Picnic this weekend on Saturday from 5-7. This will be a mentor/mentee opportunity as a place to spend time together. If you cannot attend, please find another time to be with your mentor/mentee. Thursday and Friday the senior leadership retreat will be taking place, more details to come.

Prof. Caldwell: We have test prep on Tuesday. Freshmen will be in the treetop, sophomores and juniors in the chapel. All you need to bring is a writing utensil.

Mr. Little: We begin virtual college meetings this week, please sign up as this is a great opportunity.

Dr. Wolfe: For the All School Picnic, all family members are invited.