Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Prefects: Welcome. Our first community service project will be on September 21 with Our Calling homeless shelter. You should’ve received an email from Prof. Crain, please sign up if you would like to participate.

Dr. Isbell: I have a record of all locker assignments, please do not trade lockers without talking to me first. Please leave the locker tags and do not move them. Several of you still owe me forms. Starting next week, I will begin docking house points for each day they are late. The exception is your physical. Please write your name in your books and cover them. Also write your name on your Bible. If you have questions or concerns about your schedule, please come speak with me. The add/drop deadline (for electives) is Wednesday, September 4.

Coach Kelly: Marlei Burrowes will continue his role as athletic intern along with another person to be announced later. If you are interested in playing a fall sport (hs & ms cross country, hs soccer, hs volleyball) please talk to me as soon as possible. We have already begun practice. All seniors see Ashley Kelly after school on Thursday to determine which uniform you would like to wear for your senior banner. We have a new attendance policy for athletics: 3 excused absences (with official documentation), 2 unexcused absences, 1 personal day. If you do not meet this, you will not receive sports credit. Please communicate with your coaches. These start over for each season (fall, winter, spring).

Prof. Crain: If you play an instrument and would like to join praise team, we will have a meeting after assembly. Flex forecast: Assembly, Chapel, House Meetings – new students and mentors come to student hall, House Sorting Ceremony. Q1 flex will look different, clubs will not begin until Q2. Freshman depart for the freshman retreat at 3pm, meet in library with your luggage. Junior class, we will have a meeting Thursday during lunch in Prof. Wong’s room. House dress will not begin until after the retreat. You may only wear Cambridge outerwear with house dress. Lunch cleaning this week: Alfred, Charlemagne, Constantine, Justinian.

Mr. Little: This year the College Trip will be heading to Tennessee and Alabama. The trip is almost full, but we could take 4 more people. The trip is open to all high school students. If you are interested let me know as soon as possible. College Weeks are coming up after the school retreat. 40-50 colleges will come to Cambridge and you are able to sign up for informational meetings.

Prof. Caldwell: 9th-11th grade students, we will have a practice PSAT next week on Thursday during the morning.

Dr. Wolfe: Introduction of new faculty. Our focus and theme in chapel this year will be wisdom.