Monday, May 6, 2019

Prefects: Welcome. If you are an international student please see Grace Newman after assembly.

Dr. Isbell: ERB’s will be next week on Monday and Tuesday for the 6th and 7th graders. AP exams have begun. As a reminder, on a day you are testing you do not have to attend class. If you are taking a morning exam please arrive by 7:45am and if you are taking an afternoon exam please arrive by 11:45am. Reminder that there are no more house dress days remaining. Juniors, please stay after for a meeting with me. This is the last normal assembly of the year.

Mrs. Crain: This is the last week of normal flex. Please turn in community service forms to me.

Abby Trusler: I founded the cheer team 3 years ago, and now that I’m graduating I am passing the torch to Brandes Woodall and she will be the new captain. There will be an interest meeting on Thursday after school, this does not commit you to joining the team.

Prof. VanOpstal: Reminder of the tech policy – all technology must be turned off and in your locker from 8-3 daily. Reminder of the upstairs/downstairs hours before and after school and during lunch. Reminder on the sign in/sign out sheet you MUST log the time.

Coach Kelly: Congratulations to all athletes who competed in the State track meet this past weekend in Waco. Jasmine Jobe, Elizabeth Thompson, Rose Pikman, Charlotte Mbwala, and Lilly Weir all competed. Please turn in your clean uniforms as soon as possible. The sports banquet will be on Monday, May 13. Parents who want to attend need to purchase tickets via the link in the email. Please fill out the 2019-20 sports participation survey.

Dr. Wolfe: Please do not coast into the summer, but continue to work hard and finish the year virtuously. If you are a junior and you are in a leadership position, you are having a lunch meeting with me and Prof. VanOpstal this Thursday in his classroom. Closing.