Student Assembly

Monday, November 16, 2020

Prefects: Welcome.

Dr. Isbell: We will take the Christmas card picture today at the start of lunch. If I’ve asked you to be part of it, please show up. 

Honor Council: Points update: 610 Justinian, 615 Constantine, 640 Alfred, 715 Charlemagne. 

Prof. Harvey: Flex forecast: Assembly, Clubs, Chapel, Praxis, House Meetings. Stockings for Soldiers are due this week. You must be able to close the stocking for transportation. You can put the stockings in your house bin and house points will be awarded. House Feast is Saturday, December 5. The middle school social is this coming Saturday. Tickets are $5 on the Eventbrite page. We are still working on tallying up the house points from the retreat. Soar Strong really loved having us, they were impressed with your abilities and they’ve given us several free passes. Come see me if you are interested. 

Athletic Interns: Basketball season is here! Girls have games on Tuesday and Thursday. Boys play on Thursday. We can have 25 people attend the game and it will also be streamed on Facebook. We only have 4 girls signed up for basketball and 3 MS boys signed up. We need at least 6 to make a team. Today is the last day to sign up. 

Dr. Wolfe: We will try to add another retreat day next semester with an opportunity to play the night game. This Thursday evening is Professor Caldwell’s lyceum. Be here if you can or stream it if you can’t be here. The junior class will begin selling snacks during lunch. There will be an online link with a virtual account and you can purchase in $5 increments. At the start of each quarter you can refill your virtual account. You will also have the opportunity to buy jeans day passes. Closing.