Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs Charlotte Mbwala is Cambridge Junior and Communication Intern. 11/14/18 On Friday, November 9th, Cambridge basketball teams fought for victory for our school and the Varsity boys took home a win. This exciting game kicked off a fun weekend including what some describe as the best social event at Cambridge– Perfect Pairs. Perfect Paris […]

What is Declamation?

What is Declamation? Reflection by Alejandra Gonzalez, Cambridge Junior & Communication Intern. 11/12/18 What is declamation? Declamation is a tradition here at Cambridge in which all 6th through 11th graders must participate. In memorizing a text and presenting it before an audience, students learn to use the rhetorical power of speech. Initially, students must recite […]

College Trip and Academic Discipleship

College Trip and Academic Discipleship A reflection from Dr. Barb Isbell, Registrar and Professor of Theology. 11/7/2018 From October 24-27, I was privileged to join 28 Cambridge high school students on a college trip to North Carolina, where we toured six college campuses (Elon University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, Wake […]

Brandes Woodall: Faculty and French

Faculty and French 10/24/18 Blog by Brandes Woodall, Cambridge Junior and Communication Intern. One of the many opportunities that Cambridge gives its students is a very special relationship with their professors. For me, that means taking a French class where I am the only student. This summer my parents decided to expand my French education beyond the […]

Charlotte Mbwala: From Little Sister to Big Sister

From Little Sister to Big Sister Charlotte Mbwala, Cambridge Junior and Communication Intern, reflects upon her journey to and within Cambridge and how she has gone from little sister to big sister. 10/12/18 My family immigrated to America when I was very young. Not knowing what to expect was challenging, especially for my parents who […]

Alejandra Gonzalez: Coming to Cambridge

Coming to Cambridge Reflection by Alejandra Gonzalez, Cambridge Junior & Communication Intern. 10/5/18 Choosing to come to Cambridge was not difficult for me. As an incoming freshman I was looking for a school with great academics, a welcoming environment, and a place were I could envision myself for the next four years. On my first […]

Rose Pikman & The Purpose of Summer

Rose Pikman & The Purpose of Summer 8/20/18 Rose Pikman is a senior at Cambridge and the Head of the Honor Council. Here she reflects upon the purpose of summer and the three practices she chose for Praxis. Summer. What is the purpose of summer? Every year we fight through the school year with only […]

Ethan Baxter & Prayerful Praxis

Ethan Baxter & Prayerful Praxis 8/13/18 Head of Cambridge Ambassadors Ethan Baxter reflects upon his time with family this summer and the role of prayer. “My Summer Praxis was centered around supporting my family during a serious heart surgery while enjoying God‘s creation in the Northwest. It was important to me to encourage my cousin […]

Ana Bruce & Praxis

Ana Bruce & Caregiving Practice 7/31/18 Rising Junior and Honor Council member Ana Bruce reflects upon her participation in Cambridge’s Summer Praxis. This Monday I enjoyed making dinner for my family as part of the Cambridge Summer Praxis program. In the foreground are some Vietnamese shrimp and vegetable spring rolls with complimentary spicy peanut sauce […]

Prefect’s Charge

Class Night Prefect’s Charge Given by Kendall Killian on May 18, 2018 6/14/18 When people ask me what I love about Cambridge, I always answer: the people. Because as great as Cambridge is, with its principles, education, and community, without its people, it would not be the school I’ve come to love, or call a […]