Christopher Benson

Cambridge School of Dallas

Faculty Coordinator for Humanities and Fine Arts

Wheaton College, B.A. Philosophy
New College, Oxford University, Graduate Fellowship
University of Missouri, M.A. Journalism
Graduate Institute of St. John’s College, M.A. Liberal Arts

“Poets wish either to profit or to delight; or to deliver at once both the pleasures and the necessaries of life.” – Horace, Ars Poetica

As a humble custodian and passionate teacher of Western literature, Christopher Benson views his vocation at the intersection of great books and human lives, where he is privileged to witness transformed lives and transported imaginations. The education profession offers him what literary critic Harold Blooms calls “the search for a difficult pleasure.” When he is not teaching, he loves to read, cook, dine out, travel, hike, and ski. Time permitting, he writes essays and book reviews for a variety of publications.