From Ashley Kelly
Athletic Director

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Cambridge athletics! The Cambridge School of Dallas values the important role that athletics play in contributing to a Christ-centered, college preparatory, classical education.

First, and most importantly, Cambridge athletics strives to be Christ-centered, providing an ideal forum for students to integrate Christ’s Lordship into the whole of their lives. Students are called to honor and respect their teammates and opponents, enjoy God’s physical gifts with gratitude, practice and compete unto the glory of God, and respond to winning and losing with the humility and joy grounded in union with Christ. Moreover, Cambridge employs competent coaches who unite a love for their sport with a love for Christ, and therefore endeavor to both coach and disciple their players.

Secondly, Cambridge athletics helps students to develop the requisite skills for both collegiate and lifetime success. Students learn how to cooperate with their peers, build camaraderie, and respond to achievement and disappointment, pressure and expectation.

Third and finally, Cambridge athletics balances out a classical education committed to the development of mind, body, and character. Students learn the virtues of strategy, sportsmanship, discipline, respect for others, and personal responsibility, while experiencing the health and recreational value of sport.

Toward these ends, Cambridge offers 8 Varsity teams and three seasons of co curricular sports (Fall, Winter, Spring), which compete within the Texas Association for Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS). Though focused upon more than athletic achievement, Cambridge athletes compete successfully at the State, Regional, and District levels earning recent titles in Crew, Cross Country, Track, Golf and Tennis. With 90% of Cambridge students participating on at least one interscholastic team, Cambridge athletics plays an integral role within the education and development of the Cambridge community.