Upper School Program

The Cambridge School of Dallas offers a Christ-centered, classical, college preparatory curriculum. The curriculum is taught from a biblical worldview and is enriched by a classical emphasis. All that is taught in the classroom, reinforced in athletics, and modeled by the faculty aims to further a student’s apprenticeship to Jesus Christ. The curriculum is designed to further the discipleship of mind and heart.

Cambridge takes average and above average students and places them all in a single track college preparatory curriculum, during which each student will take a minimum of four AP courses. That said, the average Cambridge student takes more than the required four AP courses, and more than four AP exams. In fact, Cambridge students will regularly take AP exams and perform well on them after taking courses in those areas which do not in fact have AP designations. The discipleship of mind and heart at the center of our curriculum’s purpose succeeds in meeting universally recognized standards for a college preparatory school, but does significantly more than simply meet such standards.