Middle School Program

At the Cambridge School of Dallas students are taught mastery of basic concepts and skills that lead to Upper School success within the context of a traditional Christ-centered education. Students do more than learn facts from textbooks; they learn to respect and enjoy knowledge and to be humble and wise in their pursuit of it. Students learn by example to stand for truth. Parents can have confidence that their child is being prepared for future academic success. Our faculty strives to make sure every student is doing their best and reaching their full potential.

How is this achieved? There are four factors that contribute to Cambridge’s overall success. First is the quality of the teachers who are committed to each child’s academic and spiritual development; their success is linked to your child’s success. Second is the culture of the student body, where learning and working hard are encouraged. Expectations are high and students rise to them. Third is a carefully designed curriculum that links instruction across the grades and avoids gaps in sequence. Fourth are parents who are committed to the fact that learning is demanding and that academic success has no short cuts.

As a transitional period in which students begin to assume more personal responsibility for their time and education, the Middle School program at Cambridge prepares students for the rigorous but rewarding academic experience of the Upper School.

Distinction of our Middle School Curriculum

  • Teaching students from classical works that build character and inspire virtue.
  • Seeing and understanding life through the lens of a biblical worldview.
  • Emphasizing mastery while learning key facts in each discipline.
  • Shaping our cultural identity through the study of Western Civilization.
  • Introducing classical languages, building a bridge into structured and critical thinking.
  • Teaching writing that is accurate, precise, and stylistic.
  • Grounding beliefs and growing in wisdom through the study of God’s word.
  • Shaping early sensibilities through art, music, and drama.
  • Learning the life-long joy of discipline, teamwork and athletic skills