2022-2023 Tuition & Fees

Grades 5-8: $21,340

Grades 9-12: $25,300

Additional Fees Include:

$600 New Student Fee (1st Year Only)

$4,000 International Fee (Annually for International Students Only)

$200 Installment Fee (Annually for Installment Payments)

The tuition and fees listed above do not include:

(1) some of the costs associated with athletic activities and participation (certain sports require additional participation fees due to costs unique to the sport), (2) certain textbooks and supplements, (3) academic testing/competition fees, (4) uniforms & other apparel, and (5) certain school-sponsored trips. There are other fees in addition to the items listed above that could apply which are billed throughout the school year and are due upon invoicing.

Additionally, we coordinate a hot lunch program through an outside vendor, providing our students with a selection of restaurants and meals to choose from throughout the school year. Costs depend on food selections and frequency of use.

Limited financial aid is available by application during the initial enrollment period. For further details, contact Whitney Messer, Business Manager, or visit our Financial Aid page.