2024-2025 Tuition & Fees

Grades 5-8: $23,500*

Grades 9-12: $27,800*

Additional Fees Include:

*Tuition covers initial book costs needed for the academic year. Certain other textbooks are owned by Cambridge and issued annually to students at no charge. A fee may be assessed for lost, damaged, or destroyed textbooks.

Additional Fees:

While tuition covers most school expenses; tuition does not include certain costs, such as athletic participation fees, school lunches, certain school-sponsored trips, uniforms, etc.

Hot Lunch:

Additionally, we coordinate a hot lunch program through an outside vendor, providing our students with a selection of restaurants and meals to choose from throughout the school year. Costs depend on food selections.

Financial Aid:

Limited financial aid is available by application during the initial enrollment period. For further details, contact Whitney Messer, Business Manager, or visit our Financial Aid page.