Athletics at Cambridge

As a Christ-centered, college preparatory school, athletics at Cambridge exist to integrate Christ’s Lordship into the whole life of our student athletes. We recognize the deep and long-lasting impact of a Christ-centered athletic department and call our students to model the traits of faith, perseverance, respect, and honor. We expect our athletes to honor and respect their sport, teammates and opponents, while exhibiting God’s physical gifts with gratitude. We strive to always compete unto the glory of God, and respond to winning and losing with the humility.

Athletic Philosophy

Cambridge employs knowledgeable coaches who share a passion for Jesus Christ, in addition to a passion for their sport. Our coaches work diligently to incorporate the gospel into every aspect of each sport, recognizing the many biblical lessons and principles that can clearly be illustrated through athletics. The end goal for each Cambridge coach is not only to produce competent and competitive athletes and teams, but to foster strong relationships rooted in discipleship. Students are also taught how to hone skill sets such as: effective time management, team work, goal setting, conflict management and balancing both success and defeat. Overall, Cambridge athletes develop the requisite skills to pursue both collegiate and lifetime success.

Sports Offered