The Curriculum Guide is much like a college course catalog, and as such is useful to both current and prospective families. It is revised each summer to reflect any changes for the upcoming school year. It serves as a single location for information about faculty, courses (descriptions, textbooks, and professors), the progression of the Cambridge curriculum (for example, graduation requirements), and contact information for Cambridge administrators. The Curriculum Guide also provides a glimpse into the academic rigor and Christ-centered focus of Cambridge, our student’s success in standardized testing and the National Merit program, and admissions information.

The Cambridge School of Dallas has established standards for students and parents which are discussed in the Student Parent Handbook. Students, parents, faculty and staff should all be intimately familiar with this Handbook since all work together to achieve these standards. However, Cambridge seeks to be a school that is regulated by character based on commitment to Jesus Christ. This enables the School to accomplish its mission without over dependence upon rules and regulations. Its goal is heart transformation and its process of administration seeks to be consistent with this goal.