From the Head of School


The Cambridge School of Dallas is a Christ-centered classical college preparatory school. Committed to Christ-centered intellectual preparation and traditional education, the aim is to equip students to know Christ with all their minds, to love Him with all their hearts, and to serve Him with all their lives.

  • Our strong advanced curriculum produces students who earn college credit and scholarship dollars, and are accepted by highly selective universities.
  • Our highly credentialed faculty are engaged academically and personally with students.
  • A Christian worldview is integrated across academic disciplines.

How does this make Cambridge stand out among private Christian schools?.

  • Approximately a quarter of our graduates earned National Merit recognition.
  • Every student graduates from Cambridge with a minimum of 4 AP courses.
  • Cambridge graduates are prepared to live and to defend their faith on an intellectual level.

Additionally, the Cambridge culture is unique where the students are treated like young men and women and encouraged to ask difficult questions and wrestle with challenging issues, all within a context devoted to mutual encouragement in a life of worship and integrity. We hope you will join many other families who have found all of this to be true.

The Dallas area is blessed with numerous school options. Cambridge is not just one among many; it is a leader in shaping young students to be future leaders themselves. Please contact us to learn more about the opportunities to enroll your child in one of the most rewarding schools you will ever know. We hope we have a chance to serve you soon.

Pro Christo,

B. Paul Wolfe, Head of School