For the Generations Capital Campaign

A branch of His planting, by the work of His hands. Isaiah 60

The Cambridge School of Dallas

Cambridge began in 1996 as Logos Academy, officially opening as The Cambridge School of Dallas in 2001
Cambridge is a Christ-centered, classical, college preparatory school serving grades 5 through 12
The School is committed to a mission of “Academic Discipleship: Fostering a Love of Learning with a Passion for Jesus Christ”
A Cambridge education is designed to address both the character and mind of students. Students are equipped to actively engage the world and influence culture by being spiritually equipped in Christ-likeness, philosophically grounded with a biblical worldview, encouraged in a traditional vision of reality, and intellectually prepared to hold positions of influence.

Campaign Overview

  • Cambridge has the ability and qualities to be a prominent school in the Dallas area. Despite challenges, we are empowered by God to rise above them.
  • The School has moved locations several times without ever having a permanent home. Cambridge students remain exemplary and perform exceptionally well in life and the academy.
  • There is currently not enough physical space for our small student body, faculty, and staff. There are too few classrooms and no lockers. This results in an inability to create the ideal learning space. The Athletics Department also is not properly equipped to train students.
  • In order to maintain a standard of academic rigor and extracurricular excellence, appropriate rooms and opportunity must be available to provide students with the best preparation.

New Campus Master Plan


The Administrative Building includes an administrative suite for the bulk of our staff and serves as a Welcome Center into our campus. It also includes storage for student records, small conference rooms, a reception area, and a faculty workroom.


The core Academics Building will include sixteen classrooms, two science labs, a multi-use classroom, a library, and a science lab terrace.

The Athletics Building will include a gymnasium, athletic offices, locker rooms, and a training room. This building would also include a performing arts suite on the second floor and serve as the Event Center.


A smaller building will include the Dining Commons and Studio Arts Center.

Lastly, the Chapel will serve a vital part of the daily life of the School, providing a necessary completion and coherence for the campus, and ensuring through design and practice a more fruitful completion of our mission.

The time is now to establish Cambridge more permanently for the future, full to the brim with opportunities and possibilities.

Provisions Campaign

Provisions The Provisions Campaign is a branch from the “For The Generations Campaign” which seeks to raise the funds for all furnishing and finishing needs to make our campus complete!

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