Senior Leadership Retreat

The Senior Leadership Retreat is a chance to take seniors in the early fall to challenge them to become servant leaders among the student body. The Senior Retreat is mandatory for all seniors as its purpose is to unite the class and provide leadership training. Our seniors walk away from this retreat with a renewed vision and sense of leadership, setting them up for a successful final year.

All School Retreat

The Annual All School Retreat, a two-day trip taken in the fall semester, is a time for our students and faculty to retreat from the rigors of the classroom and spend intentional quality time with another. Year after year this retreat accomplishes its main goal; fostering a tight-knit Christ-centered community and a mentoring relationship between professors and students. Through multiple message and worship times, House competitions, shared meals and free time, our students and faculty pray, worship, compete, and encourage one another. The All School retreat is a distinctive of Cambridge and is frequently the highlight of the year for many of our students.

Middle School Trips

The Middle School trip is designed to expose our middle schoolers to key places in our nation’s history in order to bring history alive to our students. From our “Pilgrims and Patriots” trip to old Boston where students experience Plimoth Plantation and the Freedom Trail to the Gettysburg battlefield and historic Philadelphia, students are encouraged to continue learning outside the classroom. These trips also provide a valuable bonding experience as the whole Middle School is encouraged to participate in the adventure.

College Trips

Lead by our Director of Admissions and College Placement Louie Little, our students take a yearly trip visit multiple universities. The purpose of the college trip is exposure. For each location we choose, we try to visit all types of colleges – small liberal arts schools, large public universities, medium private universities, schools with religious affiliations, etc. We look at the atmosphere, the types of students, the facilities, and opportunities. We also examine the cities and towns where the schools are found. 99% of the time, a student will walk away from the college trip having a much clearer understanding of the “type” of school they wish to attend. They will also either rule out, or include, a new region of the country. We can then work together to come up with a list of schools that will be a good fit for the student, based on that information.