Commitment to Diversity

The Cambridge School of Dallas places average to above-average students in a rigorous academic environment with an accelerated curriculum. The School is staffed with highly qualified master-teachers committed to both high academic standards and intentionally tutorial pedagogy. With this background, The Cambridge School of Dallas has a well-established academic reputation. Additionally, the mentoring and accountability environment within the School have shaped young leaders who are now excelling in academic and professional leadership and community service. The Board and Administration are intentional in the development of an educational community that prepares students to be leaders inspired to make a difference in the world in which they live, respecting the individual while living out an ethic of service.

Scripture makes clear that the creative and redemptive purposes of God are sweeping and rich in diversity. His purposes culminate in a multitude from “every nation and tribe and people and tongue” (Rev. 5:9; 7:9). The Bible also makes clear that we are to extend the love of God to all persons, to every nation, tribe, people and tongue.

From its inception, The Cambridge School of Dallas has recognized that the world in which we live is diverse in language, race and background, and has purposed to create an educational environment whereby students and faculty of all backgrounds engage with one another in the pursuit of academic excellence and service. We actively seek to make the educational opportunities of our school available and accessible to all who desire scholastic excellence in a liberal arts education, and specifically to be an open door of opportunity for many students who are qualified academically but have no financial means to take advantage of a private college-preparatory education.

The Cambridge School of Dallas is committed to a particular educational mission and philosophy. At the same time, we are committed to the strength of diversity around this common mission. We believe that a diverse student body, faculty and staff enrich the educational environment. The Cambridge School of Dallas is an embracing place, and we invite you to discover that for yourself.