Cambridge Admissions

Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Cambridge School of Dallas! Cambridge is a community of dedicated faculty, students, and families that are all committed to the pursuit of a distinctly Christ-centered, college preparatory, classical education. We welcome Christian students who are seeking to be leaders and beacons of light. We seek and admit students from a multitude of backgrounds and previous schooling situations. We then place admitted students into a rich, classically-oriented academic environment, coupled with the unique community approach to student life, in order to maximize the potential of each student.

Cambridge has a House system that each student is placed into.

At Cambridge, teachers and students develop a close, personal relationship, as students strive to develop mastery in each subject area. Our curriculum is distinctly Christian, grounded in a commitment to see and understand life through the lens of a biblical worldview. At the same time, our curriculum is traditional and classical, maintaining a commitment to classical languages, the Trivium, and the Socratic method. It is normed to the AP standard in core subject areas. In addition to academic excellence, we also offer a wide range of opportunities in athletics, student leadership, fine arts and multiple other areas.

A successful (albeit rainy) college visit.

Cambridge is an excellent choice if you are seeking a school to facilitate academic excellence in a nurturing Christian environment where students, faculty, and parents are all working together towards the same educational and spiritual goals.

If Cambridge has peaked your interest, I encourage to request further information or set a date for a visit to our school. Visitors often comment that words, simply can not adequately capture both the unique and special nature of our school.

I look forward to meeting you very soon!

Bailey Hammond, Director of Admissions

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