From Jay Howell
Dean of School

Welcome to the Cambridge School of Dallas webpage.  Cambridge is about intensive discipleship, strategic influence, traditional education, and intellectual preparation; our goal is to graduate students who are able and willing to be an antidote to cultural decline and spiritual drift.  Cambridge’s goal is summed up in our mission statement:  Academic Discipleship – fostering a love of learning with a passion for Jesus Christ.

What does this mean and how do we accomplish this kind of Academic Discipleship?  First, we seek to fulfill the greatest commandment to love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind and with all our strength (Matt 22:37, Mark 12:30, Luke 10:27).  Cambridge fosters teaching and learning that integrate Christian faith and promote Christ-like behavior.  The Cambridge community of believers is committed to teaching and learning in, as well as promoting, an environment conducive to the Holy Spirit’s transformation of the hearts and minds of our students.  Our mission is to accomplish this in the context of our Christ-centered, classical, college preparatory school.

Next, as a college preparatory school, we hold high academic standards and train students to think more deeply for themselves. Cambridge’s curriculum from start to finish prepares our students to succeed in academically challenging colleges and universities.  We include an array of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, but the Cambridge education incorporates much more than just AP courses. Christian apologetics and the Socratic tradition of inquiry and discussion are key components to Cambridge’s college preparation – all of which help our students to think critically, carefully and Christianly.

Third, classical education places a high priority on the pursuit of truth in all areas of study.  It includes an integrated study of language (both English and Latin), literature, philosophy, history, science and rhetoric.  Cambridge’s classical Christian education nurtures a lifelong passion for truth, maturity, and holiness and seeks to produce able minded, Christ-honoring citizens.

Lastly, our greatest goal is to be a Christian institution in far more than name and motto. We desire that Christ be preeminent not only in theology courses, Bible courses, and worship, but also in the study of languages, history, science, mathematics and philosophy.  Christian formation is even a goal in our athletic department.  In short, we seek to infuse every area of teaching and learning with Christian truth and values. We believe that successful academic discipleship is a distinctly theological enterprise. We are the Cambridge School of Dallas:  Academic Discipleship – fostering a love of learning with a passion for Jesus Christ.