Bethany Nine

“I am surrounded by some of the most kind, insightful, smart, supportive, and more importantly Christ-following people here. I’ve never felt more loved nor more challenged to live out an important mission. The parents and board members and administrators and teachers here are unified in our mission of “Academic Discipleship: Fostering a Love of Learning […]

Elizabeth Grant

“I was thrilled by the challenge of a teacher who wouldn’t accept less than my best effort…. I have always thought that books were something of a private joy, something that I couldn’t quite share with anyone because no one really could understand what they meant to me. I will always be grateful to you […]

Captain Mike Miersma

“I’m not an above average student – I wasn’t at the top of my class at CSD, and I wasn’t at the top of my class at Navy. Through a love of learning, a lot of hard work, and dedication from the CSD community, I’ve been blessed with the ability to accomplish personal goals.” – […]

Samuel Hahn

“The Cambridge School of Dallas achieves what very few institutions can: a balance between faith and understanding. A CSD education weds the Christian tradition with the heritage of the Greeks and Romans in an intellectually honest manner. The faculty seek to equip students to address difficult questions by engaging seriously with classical texts and church […]