For the Generations Campaign

The Cambridge School of Dallas is pleased to announce the public launch of their capital campaign, For the Generations, to build the school’s first permanent campus.

A classical education is built around beauty – studying it, embodying it, teaching its significance. The Cambridge School of Dallas is now in a position to make a permanent home that is representative of the philosophies taught within its classrooms.

For the Generations Campaign
A branch of His planting, by the work of His hands. Isaiah 60

Over the past few years, the Board has prayerfully considered The Cambridge School of Dallas’ needs and future, resulting in the decision to purchase 3202 Royal Lane, once the home of Walnut Hill Lutheran Church, who hosted the School for a season, to build a permanent home.

This permanent home would allow Cambridge to become sustainable, covering all operating costs in full with 140 students, only 30 more students than we currently have.

Paul Wolfe, PhD, Head of School

With your help, the exemplary students and faculty at Cambridge will thrive on a campus that belongs to them, where they can build a home. This campus will position Cambridge to be a city on a hill – a community visibly committed to the kingdom of God and influencing the greater Dallas area through its distinctive and enduring approach to education.

The time is now to establish Cambridge more permanently for the future, full to the brim with opportunities and possibilities.

We ask that you prayerfully consider joining us to build The Cambridge School of Dallas For the Generations.

Over the past 19 years, despite the many challenges of space, Cambridge has continued to pursue excellence with the resources that have been available. Cambridge is currently ranked by Niche as the:

  • Top 3 Best Christian High Schools in DFW Area
  • Top 10 Best Christian High Schools in Texas
  • Top 60 Best Christian High Schools in America

Cambridge is also ranked in The 50 Best Christian High Schools in America by The Best Schools.

Cambridge has graduated 290 students, who have attended 93 different colleges and universities in 34 states and 2 countries. Over 20% of Cambridge graduates have attended the most highly selective colleges, including:

  • Wake Forest University (7)
  • United States Naval Academy (6)
  • Stanford University (2)
  • Duke University (2)
  • Washington and Lee University (2)
  • United States Military Academy (1)
  • University of Virginia (1)
  • University of Southern California (7)

We ask that you prayerfully consider joining us on this journey For the Generations.