Cambridge School of Dallas
“A Cambridge and Christian education is more than just a theological education. We teach the students how to read and study the Bible, how to understand what and why we […] Read more

“We give students the same kind of content we would give to college-level students. Every one of our students is on par with the first-year college students if not above […] Read more

“The three primary lessons I learned while at Cambridge that I use in my every life are leadership, hard work, and public speaking. I loved Cambridge’s size because it allowed […] Read more

“Cambridge instilled an intellectual curiosity and lifelong entrepreneurial spirit that has supported me throughout my life. Cambridge required me and my fellow students to take personal accountability for our learning […] Read more

“I am surrounded by some of the most kind, insightful, smart, supportive, and more importantly Christ-following people here. I’ve never felt more loved nor more challenged to live out an […] Read more

“I was thrilled by the challenge of a teacher who wouldn’t accept less than my best effort…. I have always thought that books were something of a private joy, something […] Read more

“I’m not an above average student – I wasn’t at the top of my class at CSD, and I wasn’t at the top of my class at Navy. Through a […] Read more

“The Cambridge School of Dallas achieves what very few institutions can: a balance between faith and understanding. A CSD education weds the Christian tradition with the heritage of the Greeks […] Read more