What does it mean to be Pro-Life?

Charlotte Mbwala is Cambridge Junior and Communication Intern.


Pro-Life. What does that mean? Pro-Life to me, means that a new life is created at the moment of conception and all human life, unborn or born, has value. As I was growing up, my mother would always share the story of my birth. She would tell me how I was two months premature and because of this I had not yet grown and developed as much as I should have before birth. Being a preemie, I was underweight and immediately taken to the NICU until I was at a healthy enough weight to be discharged. For one month, my parents prayed, sang and never left my side. Even as a baby, I knew I was important and that I belonged to someone. Most importantly, I was loved no matter how small.

I quickly came to learn that sometimes individuals do not get a chance at life. My parents’ love for me motivated me to fight for the lives of the unborn, and today, I am the president of the Pro-Life Club at Cambridge. I am speaking and educating because with my whole heart I believe the life being aborted is an individual created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27; John 1:3) that has no voice and is being denied life outside the womb. Life is holy, pure and we must respect God, the giver of life. God has also formed and created each life– even before conception (Psalm 139:13-16).

In the Pro-Life Club, we strive to fight for the unborn by (1) being considerate of women in crisis pregnancies by working and volunteering at a Christian pregnancy center and hosting events like Diaper Drives and Bake Sales around the school, (2) educating ourselves about the history, nature and the effects of abortion by watching videos, reading articles and having special speakers, (3) getting involved in the pro-life movement by attending annual luncheons, March for Life, and Run for life, (4) and proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the only one who can give life and take it away.