Coming to Cambridge

Reflection by Alejandra Gonzalez, Cambridge Junior & Communication Intern.


Freshman Year

Choosing to come to Cambridge was not difficult for me. As an incoming freshman I was looking for a school with great academics, a welcoming environment, and a place were I could envision myself for the next four years. On my first visit to Cambridge that is exactly how I felt. After meeting so many new people and getting a feel for the environment, I already felt like a part of the family of Cambridge. The first thing that caught my attention was how unique Cambridge was and how it stood apart from other schools. Cambridge was different not only because it was small but also because of the Christian principles reflected in its loving and caring environment. One part of Cambridge that caught my eye was how the professors incorporated the bible in their teachings and how them being excited about their subjects made learning fun for the students. The support given by faculty to the students was an amazing thing to see. Throughout my day at Cambridge I experienced how the professors worked with students and even made time to meet with them outside of class for help. Cambridge drew me in. Seeing the environment as a whole and how everything worked so well together made me want to want to be a part of this community and live a life worthy of the Lord in everything I do, including my studies. Cambridge is a great school academically, but what pushed me to come was knowing that I would be welcomed into this small, loving community. I chose to come to Cambridge because of this environment that feels like a family. After one visit to Cambridge I knew that this was the school for me.