Cambridge House Feast

Reflection by Alejandra Gonzalez, Cambridge Junior & Communication Intern.


This past weekend students and faculty gathered together at dinner to celebrate a Cambridge tradition called the House Feast. The House Feast is a celebration of the House System which is an exciting element of the Cambridge student experience. New students are sorted into either the House of Charlemagne, Constantine, Alfred, or Justinian. The House System involves students of all ages to come together as one and create a community where they are able to meet students they usually don’t see in classes, celebrate wins, and show their enthusiasm and dedication to their house. Throughout the House Feast, students sit with their houses and enjoy food and conversation with one another. As dinner goes on, each house prepares a toast celebrating the accomplishments of other houses as well as their own in order to show appreciation for the friendly competition. After dinner, students separate by grade to participate in a white elephant gift exchange, a fun time to bond with your class and laugh over humorous gifts. Finally, to end the night, students enjoy dessert with their houses and celebrate this time they have had together. The House Feast is not only a gathering but a time where students from 6th to 12th grade come together to celebrate the year thus far with their houses and get to know one another through laughter, dinner, and dessert.