Cambridge Theater

By Allison Peterman, Class of 2022

I have been a member of The Cambridge School of Dallas theater program for a number of years, and the amount of talent I have seen in each play hits me in a different way every time. The plays are rarely ever similar, they range from Victorian comedies to British murder mysteries to classic American plays and everything in between. This being the case, there is always something new to see and a new side of each actor to discover.

I love seeing my classmates stand up and try something they have never done before, and unlock talent they never knew they had. Cambridge is the perfect place to do that, because you are given a chance to participate in a way that you would not have at a larger school. Cambridge theater also gives you a chance to push your limits and really see what you are capable of.

When I first joined theater I had a simple, easy role, but as I worked and tested myself I was given harder and harder roles, ones that challenged my abilities. This is where I discovered my love of theater, in the midst of a supportive, yet challenging atmosphere. All the members of Cambridge theater have learned and practiced their confidence and speaking ability through this same environment.

This year the show we are putting on is “Unanimous” a production of Reginald Rose’s “Twelve Angry Men.” In this captivating play, twelve jurors are set with the task of deciding if a 19-year-old kid is guilty of the murder of his father. The case seems clear, when one juror decides to hold out. With tensions on the rise, each juror shows his or her personality and experience as each debates his view, and they discover that the case is not as simple as it seems. This play, to be staged on February 6, 7pm at Cistercian Preparatory School, is a great example of the talent and diversity of Cambridge theater.