Name: Matt Lewis

Professor Lewis
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Title: Professor

Classes Teaching: Earth Science (Seventh Grade), Biblical Narrative (Seventh Grade), Socratic Tradition (Seventh Grade), Pre Algebra (Sixth Grade), Intro to Theology (Eighth Grade), Logic (Eighth Grade)

How did you get to Cambridge?

I heard such wonderful things about Cambridge from a friend and fellow church parishioner who teaches at Cambridge (Christopher Benson). I taught at Covenant for the past three years but was looking for a different teaching opportunity within the Classical, Christian community. When Christopher knew that I was looking for a great school to land at he directed me towards the Cambridge community. I have been overwhelmed with how great my first few months at Cambridge have been. I am overjoyed and excited that God has brought me to such a wonderful place!

What’s your favorite activity/sport? 

I am an avid baseball fan and I have followed the Texas Rangers my whole life. I love to listen to the game on the radio because I grew up listening to the Rangers with my grandparents. The past few summers I have been able to share my love of baseball and all things Rangers with my two oldest children, Willa (9) and Hollis (7). We love to go to ballgames together to watch our favorite player, Joey Gallo! Also, I have an interesting connection with professional baseball. During the 1940s and 1950s a family member of mine, Pinky Higgins, managed the Boston Red Sox! 

In my free time, I love to read a good book. This includes genres such as theology, classic literature, science fiction, fantasy, history…really I love a wide range of subjects and genres. 

I also enjoy spending time with my family and, usually, our weekends are spent taking our kids to the zoo or the Perot museum or Half-Priced books. 

Really, one of my favorite activities is eating good food or drinking good coffee with great friends and simply enjoying rich conversations. 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

My wife and I had the opportunity to serve with Campus Crusade for Christ in Western Europe in Florence, Italy. Honestly, I would love to go back to Italy again! If I were to go somewhere that I have never been, though, I think I might like to visit somewhere with cold weather, mountains, and lakes like Switzerland, Norway, or Sweden. 

If you could learn any new language, what would it be? 

I really enjoy hearing new languages and learning about them. This might sound strange but I think I would love to learn German. I know that some people think that German sounds abrasive but, to my ear, it has such an intriguing sound.

Also, I would really like to learn Anglo-Saxon so that I might be able to read Beowulf in its original language!