From Little Sister to Big Sister

Charlotte Mbwala, Cambridge Junior and Communication Intern, reflects upon her journey to and within Cambridge and how she has gone from little sister to big sister.


My family immigrated to America when I was very young. Not knowing what to expect was challenging, especially for my parents who were relying on the faithfulness of God. One thing they were looking for when coming to the U.S. was a good education and a bright future for my siblings and me. For elementary school, my sisters and I were blessed to attend Grace Academy of Dallas. Once my older sister, Sophie, completed Grace Academy, she decided to continue her education at Cambridge. Starting in 7th grade, she instantly fell in love with the small community, classical education, Christian teachings and so much more that Cambridge has to offer.
Once I finished my elementary school years, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my sister and also attend Cambridge. At first it was really hard for me adapt to Cambridge and their challenging academics, but Sophie gave me the assurance that everything would be okay. She guided me through every aspect of Cambridge which made an immense difference in my experience. In addition to having my sister guide me, God also introduced me to a new community that soon became family. I have had the opportunity of meeting, talking to, and learning with kids from many different walks of life. My sister always talked about the teachers at Cambridge — how they were great role models, how they communicated with the students and about the relationships that are formed. I quickly noticed these things while attending Cambridge, and realized that not only had my classmates become family but so had the teachers.
Sophie graduated last May, and I’m glad to say that my little sister, Agathe, has had the opportunity to join me at Cambridge for my last two years. Just as my older sister guided me through the four years that I spent with her at Cambridge, I hope I can be a great mentor and friend to my little sister while I’m here with her.