Faculty & Staff Reading Ideas: Martin Edition

By Rae Ann Martin

  • Carlos Fuentes, The Buried Mirror – I read bits and pieces of this book when I was in grad school and have always wanted to read the entire work.  In addition, I have read other works by Fuentes, mostly fiction novels, and have really enjoyed his style of writing.   In the Buried Mirror, he writes about the history of the social, political, and economic forces that created the remarkable hispanic culture that we know today.
  • John Hooper, The New Spaniards – This is another book I have read bits and pieces of and would like to read it in its entirety.  John Hooper talks about modern-day Spain, the changes that have taken place, and the causes behind them.
  • Benito Pérez Galdós, Fortunata y Jacinta I, Fortunata y Jacinta II – This novel is one of the most popular and representative of Spanish literary realism.  I have read it before, and would like to read it again.  The story of Fortunata y Jacinta, two married women from different classes in love with the same man, coincides also with the revolutionary period that culminated in the queen’s expulsion from Spain in 1868, and records the failure to consolidate a post-Bourbon government in Spain.  
  • JRR Tolkein, The Hobbit – Working at Cambridge, this book was a must, plus I want to read the Lord of the Rings; and knew it would be best to read The Hobbit first.
  • C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory – Hannah Nelson speaks very highly of this book and refers to it often.  Through our conversations, I was inspired to read it.  Plus, I love C.S. Lewis, he is one of my favorites.  The work contains nine sermons delivered by Lewis during WWII.  He offers guidance and inspiration during a time of great doubt.  Perfect timing on this one.