Haiti Missions

Finley Caughran is a Cambridge sophomore and Communication Intern.


Last spring I made aware of a mission trip in the summer of 2018, and I decided to join this amazing opportunity. That summer was very full, and while I was at camp I received a letter from a friend who was also going on this Haiti trip. She told me about the unrest and riots that were going on in Haiti, and that we probably wouldn’t be able to go. As you can imagine, this was very disappointing and frustrating news to hear, especially since I was at camp and couldn’t get constant updates on the status of our trip. All I could do was wait and pray for Haiti and these issues. When I finally finished camp I watched the news and the riots were still happening. I later received an email from the mission leader and heard the devastating news that all flights into Haiti were cancelled and we could not go to Haiti anytime soon. This made me question God — why would he do this when I trying to go and serve him and give glory to his kingdom? My answers came through lots of prayer for the people of Haiti and prayer for God to soften my selfish heart. In early November I heard that our trip was rescheduled for late December early January, I literally jumped for joy, all my prayers had been answered.

So this Christmas Break I get the amazing opportunity to go and serve in Haiti for a week. While I’m there I will be sharing the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity to go to Haiti and be the hands and feet of Christ, and I would love your prayer this week as I go on this wonderful journey. Specifically that my team and I will be a light to the nations, so Christ’s salvation may reach the ends of the earth (Isaiah 49:6).