Junior-Senior Luau

Brandes Woodall is a Cambridge Junior and Communication Intern.


Throughout the course of the year, juniors are required to plan and host several events to celebrate the seniors. Though we may complain about the responsibilities, towards the end of the year we begin to see the value in these Cambridge traditions and look forward to experiencing them as seniors next year. So far, we’ve helped host Men’s Cookout and the Ladies Tea and as the year comes to a close, we are throwing our last big event, the Junior-Senior Luau!

At the Junior-Senior Luau, parents and families of seniors bless their graduates as they prepare to enter this next chapter of their lives. This is a long-standing Cambridge tradition celebrating the Seniors and their parents with a send-off from the Junior Class which includes a Hawaiian themed banquet, family photo, Senior blessings and a video. Juniors are the primary workers for set up, hosting, and clean up, and the food and beverages are provided by Junior Class families. Since I don’t have older siblings, I’ve never been before, but I am excited to take part in this time and celebrate my friends who are graduating! As I wrap up my junior year and look forward to next year and all of the activities included, I can’t wait to hear what my parents say in my blessing and to spend this last part of high school reminiscing on the memories we have made as a class. But, as this year comes to an end, we will make memories as a junior class through celebrating the current seniors!