New School, New Sport


Finley Caughran is a Cambridge sophomore and Communication Intern.

From 2nd through 9th grade I attended a very small school with only three people in my grade. So, coming to Cambridge, I was excited to have a bigger class and the opportunity to play sports for my school. When I heard Cambridge had a plethora of sports I was very happy; I hadn’t played a sport since the 7th grade, when I played soccer outside of school. As a sophmore in highschool I didn’t think it was possible to jump into a sport that I had no experience in so late in my schooling. After transferring to Cambridge I joined the volleyball team without having touched a volleyball in my life. Even though I was new to the team and school, I was welcomed with open arms by everyone on the team. After the first few practices I got the hang of volleyball and never wanted to put the ball down.

Our volleyball team practiced Monday through Thursday and during these practices we grew so much as a team. During the season our team did lose all of our games, but we grew so much as a team and really focused on mirroring the body of Christ in all our actions. I definitely learned that sports are not all about winning. As a competitive group of people this was very hard for us to learn as a team and individuals. Through this we learned how to come together as a team, encourage each other, and keep our head up and not give up. As you can imagine, that was super hard, but our coach Ashley Kelly motivated us daily, and encouraged us with scripture. Now that this rough season has ended, we can only go up from here! The good news is that no one on our volleyball team is a senior, so next year we will have a team that has an entire year of teamwork and practice as their foundation.