Perfect Pairs

Charlotte Mbwala is Cambridge Junior and Communication Intern.


On Friday, November 9th, Cambridge basketball teams fought for victory for our school and the Varsity boys took home a win. This exciting game kicked off a fun weekend including what some describe as the best social event at Cambridge– Perfect Pairs.

Perfect Paris is a dance where you can go with a date or a group as characters from movies, tv shows, etc. Before heading to the dance, students met up to enjoy dinner together. Once at the school, students created memories and posed left and right for pictures. Everyone’s costume was so unique! Pairs ranged from a sunflower and a gardner to a Bachelorette and her dates. This year, my date, Bennet Upfield, and I dressed as a tooth fairy and dentist.

High school students began showing off their moves on the dance floor as soon as the DJ started blasting music. There was something for everyone — from 80’s throwbacks to current hits. After taking more pictures, awards were announced— John Frank and Allison Breuggeman won most energetic, Jocelyn Segoviano and Quincy Hosler won cutest couple and Boone Simms and Elizabeth Thompson won most creative costume.

This year’s Perfect Pairs was a huge success! Nearly all of the high school students showed up and had a great time, whether tearing it up on the dance floor or taking a break with friends on the side. The room was full of excitement as the dance came to end we all counted it as a night well spent.