Preparing for Senior Tutorial

By Alejandra Gonzalez, Class of 2020

As a senior this year I was able to experience the importance of writing my tutorial. The senior tutorial at Cambridge is the capstone of Cambridge’s curriculum. The purpose of the tutorial is to provide all seniors the opportunity to study a topic in depth, research, and defend the thesis of that paper publicly before judges. Each senior works under the supervision of a professor all year who is also interested in their topic or has some sort of expertise. Once the tutorial is complete they will present in front of the Cambridge community and a panel of judges in which they will be asked a series of questions and be able to defend their thesis statement. Three students are then chosen to move onto the finals where they present a summary of their papers in front of parents, students, and a panel of outside judges. The top tutorial will then receive the title of the Trivium Award for their outstanding paper and defense. This year’s class is now in its final stages of preparing their papers in order to present for the Cambridge community and are excited to present all the hard work they have put into their papers all year long. 

Make sure to join The Cambridge School of Dallas for Senior Tutorial Semi-Finals from March 24-27 and Senior Tutorial Finals on April 16 at 7:00 p.m.