Responding to COVID-19

Technology as an enhancement, not a burden – has been a tenant of Cambridge education, even during mandated school closures. Amidst the COVID-19 challenge, Cambridge effectively managed modified course schedules without technology inhibiting crucial development. While each class met three times per week for 45-minute virtual lessons, our professors maintained meaningful, dynamic discussions that highlight our standard, high-quality instruction. On days when classes did not meet, professors provided purposeful assignments such as reading, translation, or practice problems. If the need arises to close schools again, Cambridge has a plan in place to ensure a quality education is maintained.

From the Head of School

I have decided to communicate with you via a few brief videos throughout the next couple of weeks. You will find the first one here. I will endeavor to keep each one very focused and under 4 minutes, yet dealing with what I hope you find to be helpful information and perspective.
– Dr. Paul Wolfe