Senior Tutorial Finalists Presentations

April 25, 2018

Senior Tutorial is the capstone of the curriculum at The Cambridge School of Dallas and a requirement for graduation. Its purpose is to provide students with an occasion to study a topic in depth, to write a rigorous academic paper on that topic, and to present and defend the thesis of that paper publicly before an academic committee. Our three finalists, Lauren Ferguson, Matthew Jordan, and Bryant Solomon, were selected by a panel of internal judges during their original presentations, and on Thursday, April 19, 2018, they presented and defended their Tutorials in front of the Cambridge community and a panel of outside judges. The Trivium Award is presented to the finalist selected by the outside panel for having presented and defended the best tutorial. This year’s Trivium Award winner is Miss Lauren Ferguson. 

Lauren Ferguson
Overcoming Fear of the Fairytale
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Matthew Jordan
A Romantic Readiness: The Virtue of Hope and the Fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald
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Bryant Solomon
The Specter of Reality: A Supernatural Solution to the Quantum Quandary
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