Preparing for Tutorial

Communication Intern and Cambridge Junior Alejandra Gonzalez writes about the process of Senior Tutorial.


At The Cambridge School of Dallas, all seniors are required to present a tutorial in front of their peers and Cambridge community. The purpose of tutorials is to shape students into scholars. As a rising senior,  I sat in and listened to all of this year’s tutorials. It was such a learning experience and opened my eyes to how much work I will need to do for next year. As a junior I am already researching an area of study that I’m interested in and finding an advisor who will help guide my writing and defense.

At the beginning of my senior year I will turn in an annotated bibliography and develop an argumentative thesis. Once this is done, I will continue to meet with my advisor until I have produced a 15 page paper. After my paper is finished I will then begin the process of preparing to present and defend my tutorial.

The tutorial process may seem overwhelming, but seeing how each and every senior has taken the time to research and present their work has given me motivation for next year.

Understanding why tutorial is a Cambridge requirement has given me better appreciation for the process and I truly believe it helps turn students into scholars. I am sure it will be a challenge, but to have defended a 15 page paper before college is an accomplishment that I am excited to tackle.