Straight From the Head

February 15, 2018

Dear Cambridge family & friends,

Since 1976, I have been pursuing three closely related goals: to know, love and serve God; to know, love and serve my wife; and to know, love and lead my children. I was confident that if I could get these three fundamental commitments right, or at least make good progress, everything else would follow suit. Forty plus years later I am still working on these commitments, and remain convinced of their merit as first order commitments for a good life.

One thing that brings me encouragement and inspiration along the journey is learning the journey of others with similar commitments, at least the first one, if not the others. What a joy it has been to get to know Dr. Mary Poplin. I promise, she will encourage and inspire you if you give her the opportunity. That is exactly what I want for you, a fresh joy and inspiration.

For these reasons, I strongly encourage you to join us for our annual Faith and Culture Keynote evening. On March 1, Prof. Poplin will give a talk entitled “Preparing to Flouish: Notes From a Former Train Wreck.” I invite you to attend this evening. Take a few moments and read the recent Christianity Today article about her here. Though you may not have heard of her, she is on the front lines of the battles on college campuses.  join us, and bring a friend or two. You will not be disappointed.  You may purchase tickets here by February 22nd or by contacting Emily Eber.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Pro Christo,

B. Paul Wolfe