Prof. Martin Reflects Upon Nature

Prof. Rae Ann Martin Reflects Upon Nature & Praxis 9/4/2018 “In regards to Summer Praxis, I chose the naturalist approach, “seek out an inspiring view that you can return to […]

Professor VanOpstal Rediscovers an Island

Professor VanOpstal Rediscovers an Island 8/17/18 “One of the great things about growing up is getting to inflict things from your childhood on your kids. They’re still young enough to […]

Jocelyn Segoviano & Praxis

Jocelyn Segoviano & Praxis 8/15/18 Jocelyn Segoviano, a junior and Prefect, reflects upon one of her summer Praxis practices. “This week I got to meditate on the importance of God’s […]

Ethan Baxter & Prayerful Praxis

Ethan Baxter & Prayerful Praxis 8/13/18 Head of Cambridge Ambassadors Ethan Baxter reflects upon his time with family this summer and the role of prayer. “My Summer Praxis was centered […]

John Frank’s Take on Fasting

John Frank’s Take on Fasting 8/7/18 John Frank, a rising Junior and member of the Honor Council, reflects upon one of his summer practices. “The list of recommended leisure activities […]

Nolan Runnels Praxis

Nolan Runnels & the Caretaking Praxis 8/2/2018 Nolan Runnels, Head of the House of Charlemagne, reflects upon his experience with the Caretaker practice:  “This summer I spent a week at […]

Ana Bruce & Praxis

Ana Bruce & Caregiving Practice 7/31/18 Rising Junior and Honor Council member Ana Bruce reflects upon her participation in Cambridge’s Summer Praxis. This Monday I enjoyed making dinner for my […]

Prof. Isbell & Praxis

Prof. Isbell & Praxis 7/25/2018 Dr. Isbell reflects upon one of her Praxis Practices: As one of my praxis selections, I chose the activist option of taking special note of […]

Prof. Wong & Takashi Murakami

Prof. Wong & Takashi Murakami 7/5/18 Prof. Wong and his wife recently visited the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. He reflected upon their experience with the artwork of Takashi […]

Prof. Robson’s Praxis Practice: Sensates

Prof. Robson’s Praxis Practice: Sensates 6/27/18 Below Cambridge Professor of Art Brenda Robson reflects upon Summer Praxis and the Sensates practice she selected while on vacation in London. “The Cambridge School […]