Brandes Woodall is a Cambridge Junior and Communication Intern.


When I transferred to Cambridge in November of my freshman year, my first assignment in Prof. Isbell’s theology class was to write about one thing I was thankful for every day of the month. Reluctant to leave my old school and friends, I didn’t feel like I was thankful for anything, so I procrastinated the assignment as much as I could. Finally, I was forced to consider what I could possibly be grateful for in my life. After a lot of thought, I began to realize how many blessings I had here at Cambridge. Since then, that list has had a significant impact on my life. Now, as a junior under the pressure of being an upperclassman, I look at my list so I can remember the things that I appreciated as a freshman and remind myself to be grateful now. While some of the stuff on the list is trivial, like pie and soul cycle, other things, like my family, friends, and faith, remain important to me. At the time, I thought making a list of things I was grateful for was just busy work and not important to me at all. I didn’t want to do it, and I rejected it wholeheartedly every step of the way. But, when I finished, I realized the value of considering your blessings and stopping for a second to thank those around you who make them possible. So, during this month, and especially on Thanksgiving, I encourage everyone to take a page from Prof. Isbell’s book and look at what you are thankful for!