Top Ten Things You’ll Be Grateful For When Your Kids Graduate From Cambridge

February 16, 2018

One Friday morning every month, Parent Fellowship (PF) comes together to discuss upcoming events, assess where help is needed, and occasionally bring in outside guests to address the community. Last Friday, Suzy Mighell, mom to three Cambridge alumni and current Cambridge Alumni Parent President, spoke to PF about the “Top Ten Things You’ll Be Grateful For When Your Kids Graduate From Cambridge.” Suzy enjoys spending time with her husband and grown children and writing about style, food, fitness, marriage and more in the empty nest on her blog EmptyNestBlessed.com.

  1. That you can stop collecting Boxtops (only it will be hard to make yourself do that).
  2. That the hard work they put in here will make college seem relatively easy.
  3. That your kids have healthy relationships with members of the opposite sex because the small class sizes demystified the other gender.
  4. That you don’t have to live through and watch the stress your kids went through over homework and tests (They’ll still have those, but now you won’t have to watch. Ignorance is bliss!).
  5. That your kids understand that their professors are people too and that they aren’t afraid to approach them outside of class (in fact, they kinda think that you should). This will really help them in college.
  6. That YOU really learned a lot from all those years of sitting through Declamations and Senior Tutorials.
  7. That your kids are spiritually prepared to go out into a world that neither knows nor honors the Savior. They will be the light in the darkness.
  8. That your kids went to a school where you knew all of their friends and their parents, and probably their siblings, too.
  9. That your kids know how to articulate- both in written and verbal form- what they believe and why.
  10. That some of your best friends are sitting right here in this room.