At The Cambridge School of Dallas, we love to celebrate the creativity of our students. We hope you enjoy this poem written by one of our 7th graders as much as we do. This was part of a class assignment inspired by Phantastes by George MacDonald.

Poem by Elliott Edwards

Once, on a hill, there sat a boy

His head full of wonder, his mind filled with joy,

For deep in the clouds in the sunny sky

He pondered and thought about all of his whys.

Why was the sky blue, why wasn’t it green?

Why do you sleep, why do you dream?

Why are the mice so small and so tiny?

Why is the sun so big, bright, and shiny?

Why is it cold, why is it hot?

Why doesn’t it boil when you watch a pot?

Why can the birds fly up in the sky?

And if the birds can, then why can’t I?

The whys, as they went, they flipped and they spun

Because sitting and thinking about whys was so fun!

He stared at the East, and then to the West,

Why was his life just simply the best?