Moryam VanOpstal

Cambridge School of Dallas

Ph.D., Politics – University of Dallas, 2020
Dissertation: How to Found and Safekeep a City: Cicero’s Philosophic Politics in De Republica
M.A., Politics – University of Dallas, 2013
B.A., Politics – Hillsdale College, 2007

Prof. VanOpstal serves as Dean of Students and teaches United States history, political philosophy, and United States government. He has been with Cambridge since 2014. In undergraduate and graduate school he focused on studying political theory, ancient and modern, with additional concentrations in literature. Between college and grad school Prof. VanOpstal spent time teaching, traveling, and studying in Taiwan, India, and Europe. He has been married for more than a decade and he and his wife have five children. They worship at All Saints Dallas Anglican church

You can view his CV here.