Moryam VanOpstal

Cambridge School of Dallas

Hillsdale College, B.A.
University of Dallas, M.A., PhD Candidate

At the age of five, Moryam VanOpstal emigrated with his family from the Netherlands, his country of birth, to the United States. They quickly grew to love their new country and pursued citizenship. After growing up in Chicago, Moryam attended Hillsdale College where he met his wife-to-be on the second day of classes. Moryam came from an unorthodox, new age background, but she and other friends were faithful witnesses, and after two years of wrestling he surrendered to Christ as a junior. After spending time overseas in Taiwan and India, Moryam began the doctoral program in political philosophy at the University of Dallas. Moryam and his wife wife have four children and a very full life, and they most enjoy spending time with our family, friends, and each other.

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