10 Readings for an Orientation to the Study of Literature

10 Readings for an Orientation to the Study of Literature by Professor Benson During our end of year faculty in-service, Dr. Wolfe asked each teacher to compose a list of 10 books that give an orientation to the study of his or her academic discipline. Notice, this is a different kind of list than our […]

A Debauchery of the Mind

A Debauchery of the Mind By Professor of English Joshua Jeffrey 12/23/18 I hate grades. I don’t mean that I hate grading, although that might be somewhat accurate as well. I think most members of my profession have some level of distaste for the process of actually sitting down and working through a stack of […]

What is Declamation?

What is Declamation? Reflection by Alejandra Gonzalez, Cambridge Junior & Communication Intern. 11/12/18 What is declamation? Declamation is a tradition here at Cambridge in which all 6th through 11th graders must participate. In memorizing a text and presenting it before an audience, students learn to use the rhetorical power of speech. Initially, students must recite […]

Classical Mathematics: Engendering a Love of Learning

Classical Mathematics: Engendering a Love of Learning A reflection by Sara Rico, Professor of Mathematics and Theology I was reading the Introduction to A Mathematician’s Apology, by the renowned mathematician G.H. Hardy, when I came across the following description of testing at the University of Cambridge in England: “It was an examination in which the […]

Middle School PSIA

PSIA District Awards 2018 March 28, 2018 Congratulations to our middle school students that participated in Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) this past Saturday.  PSIA is an academic competition for first through eighth-grade students. It is the equivalent of academic competitions like TAPPS in Upper School or UIL competitions in public schools. This is the first […]